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I am Melissa Grant. I've  collected some of my writings here.  The book that's ready to read is called "Don't Go to Church Anymore." Look for it on Amazon.

Did you drift away from the church? Learn the good reasons you had for doing that.

The number of doubters is growing: in 1972 only 5% of Americans reported that they were unaffiliated with any church.  Today that percentage is 23%.  That's 76 million skeptics in this country.

There are several books out there on atheism and agnosticism, doubt and Christian mythology. Why add to the book list? Because the books I found were written in a philosophical style, and their principle audiences are scholars.  There is very little out there written for you and me to read, and even if you find a casual book, it doesn't explain things as well as I do in my book (such modesty, right?!)

Check it out -- click up above and you'll find sections of the book. And please, join the website and post on the forum. You can give me suggestions on improvements by posting them on the forum, and others can join in. The more input I get the better.

In addition to  "Don't Go to Church Anymore" I published a book of quotations which relate to recovery from addiction.  Its title is "What to Put in Your Head Now that the Alcohol is Out."  The book is available on Amazon. You can read some of it if you click on the link above.

Up above there's also a link to short stories and essays.  Not much posted yet, but I'm working to get more of my stuff onto the website.

Here's something you can do to get to know me better: look at the icons below, and try to decide which ones represent interests I have and which ones are false leads.  To find out if you're right, click on the icon, and you'll be taken to a page that tells you all about it.


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