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Alcoholism is a powerful disease, but words can be powerful weapons against  it. In "What to Put in Your Head," you'll find quotes on courage, serenity, recovery, humor, and truth, to sustain you and to combat the words addiction uses against you. Click on the picture to purchase from Amazon


""All truly wise thoughts have been thought aleeady thousands of times: but to make them truly ours, we must think them over again honestly, till they take root i our personal experience."  (Johan Wolfgang von Goethe)

Placing certain quotations together is like seating strangers around a dinner table: you can't be sure where the conversations will lead.  It's amazing how a quote can strike us -- sometimes passing along just the message the author meant us to get, but sometimes in a way the author wouldn't have foreseen.  Words have a life of their own.  They allow us to see through them.  Reading them, we see what we need to see.

Words can be powerful weapons. Addiction tries to use words against us.  It is the oly disease that tries to convince you that you don't have it.  It's time to gather our own words, words that sustain us, to combat the words addiction uses to baffle us.

The Talmud says that the right quotation at the right moment is like "bread to the famished."  May you be fed.

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