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"Why You Don't Go

to Church Anymore"

Hi! I'm Melissa.  I'm a writer and an







     heathen and heretic.

I'm a  skeptical infidel.

How about you? Did you go

to church as a child,

but you don't go now? You're

in good company -- 23% of

Americans self-report as

having no religious affiliation.




Have you ever examined the reasons you don't go to church anymore? Probably, but you've likely only skimmed the surface. You may have a sense that religion isn't for you, or a few examples of things the Bible says but you don't believe. But I'm talking about digging down, finding hard evidence to back up your disbelief.

You could  do the work that it would take to investigate further. You could do research on the internet, read dozens of books, talk to other people who share your doubts, and study the Bible cover-to-cover (at least a few times) to develop evidence for your lack of faith.

Fortunately, you don't have to.  I have written a book entitled "Why You Don't Go to Church Anymore" that will provide you with all the information you need.  Look for it on Amazon. Your comments and interest in the book will be very appreciated.

To get started here, read parts of my book "Why You Don't Go to Church Anymore,"

check out the forum, or contact me.


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